You Need A New Plumber is the fourth level in Meet Swampy Free.


Level 1-4 You Need A New Plumber (Where's My Water? Free)00:24

Level 1-4 You Need A New Plumber (Where's My Water? Free)

To tri-duck the level, the player will need to get the first duck at the top in the maze by getting the water to it. For this, the middle opening at the top of the maze is recommended, since the duck is in the middle of the maze. After this, the water should go through the opening on the bottom-right of the maze, but even if it goes to the bottom-left, a pipe will conveniently shoot it back to the top of the maze. Once enough water has made it out of the maze, there should be a duck directly after the exit, which should automatically be collected. After that, dig down to collect the last duck, but DO NOT uncover the middle pipe, as it will shoot the water to the wrong side of the level and it will drain, causing the level to be failed. The left pipe also does not do anything but shoot the water back up to the top of the maze exit, so therefore guide it to the rightmost pipe. Once done, the water will enter a room with Swampy's shower pipe. Simply uncover it to get the water in, and the level will have been successfully tri-ducked. As June 2013 in Where's My Water Free , You Need a New Plumer

was replaced by Do a Sweet Jump

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