When Life Gives You Lemons is the first chapter of Where's My Mickey


Mickey 1-1: Dig Deep

Mickey 1-2: Rainy Day

Mickey 1-3: Down the Drain

Mickey 1-4: To the Cloud

Mickey 1-5: Switch it On

Mickey 1-6: Look Both Ways

Mickey 1-7: Jump for Joy

Mickey 1-8: Catch a Ride

Mickey 1-9: Release the Wind

Mickey 1-10: Go with the Flow

Mickey 1-11: Blow it Up

Mickey 1-12: Switching Clouds

Mickey 1-13: It's Clouded in Here

Mickey 1-14: Clear the Skies

Mickey 1-15: Closing in Fast

Mickey 1-16: Sky Dive

Mickey 1-17: Wind Tunnels

Mickey 1-18: Liftoff

Mickey 1-19: Windy Path

Mickey 1-20: Hold it Right There!

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