The levels that were lost in the weeks after the Weekly Levels Update have returned!

Currently only the Swampy Levels have returned. Unknown if the other characters levels will return


Level:4-1: Sweat The Small Stuff

Level:4-2 Turkey Blaster

Level:4-3 Loze of Ooze

Level:4-4 Lowered Expection

Level:4-5 We All Screan for Iced Steam

Level:4-6 Dirty Algae

Level:4-7 Down The Chimney

Level:4-8 Stoke of Midnight

Level:4-9 Intersection

Level:4-10 Ooze and Aahs

Level:4-11 Send It Through

Level:4-12 Birthday Cake

Level:4-13 Gateway to Paradise

Level:4-14 Serene Rapids

Level:4-15 P'u Kilo

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