Warming Up is the first chapter of Allie's Story. It was released in May 2013.


A1-1: Up We Go

A1-2: Crossing Steams

A1-3: Pathfinder

A1-4: Boiler Room

A1-5: Down Is Up

After you purchase the rest of Allie's Story

A1-6: Precipitation

A1-7: Swimmin' Holes

A1-8: Series of Tubes

A1-9: Fan with a Plan

A1-10: Ride the Winds

A1-11: Turn It Up

A1-12: White Water Rapids

A1-13: Crystal Cavern

A1-14: A Touch of Steam

A1-15: BBQ Grill

A1-16: Ski Slope

A1-17: Chilly Dogs

A1-18: Switching Sides

A1-19: Flood Gate

A1-20: Wait For It...      

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