Hello, all users of Where's My Water Wiki! :D

Now, I've been thinking about this for a long time, but I've decided to finally do it. As the title says, there will be a lot of big changes coming for this wiki. I'll tell you about what's coming in the future days:

  • Fanons will still be on this wiki, but they'll be a lot more organized now. I am currently in touch with Wikia Staff to enable a new Fanon namespace on this wiki. This will make the fanons organized and separate from pages about real Where's My Water? content. When enabled, I'll take care of renaming all the pages with something you'll read about later: but in the future, remember when creating a fanon to put "Fanon:" in the beginning of the title, as that will put it in the namespace :)
    • In addition, I'm making some new categories such as "Fan Levels", "Fan Characters", etc. to organize the fanon even further.
  • Though the main page does look pretty spiffy now, I feel it needs a bit more. I'm going to add things there such as a "Levels of the Week" counter, so everyone knows when the next level will be released. I'll also start a "Featured Article" program, where people can nominate any article they want every month and other people can vote on it. At the end of the month, a Featured Article will be picked and displayed on the main page. Maybe a few other things I'll add too.
  • There will be a whole new set of rules on the wiki. Find out more about this here.
  • There's no guarantee it will happen, but I MIGHT make a new bot for this wiki, to help me out with the maintenance stuff. This is the thing that I was talking about with the fanon.
  • I am going to enable message walls here, as personally I think they're more organized than talk pages.
  • I've been slacking a lot on the badge redesign, but I plan to finish it soon.

Well, these changes will hopefully all be implemented by the end of the summer.

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