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  • I am Male (and a liker of purple)
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    July 25, 2013 by Rackliffelikespurple

    Hi guys! I'm a new fish here, but I just wanted to let you all know what I plan on doing here. :) One reason I joined the wiki was to help a great friend of mine, the wiki's admin Sboy, have the workload lessened on him and to give him a hand, but there's other reasons.

    Mostly, I'm going to be editing articles with grammatical errors; just to let you all know, I have never played the game itself, so I'm most likely going to stay away from articles relating to the game and its levels.

    However, I've seen the web show and thought it was fantastic; therefore, I'm most likely going to mainly edit on pages relating to the show and its episodes.

    I'll edit other stuff too, and maybe even take some snips and post some pics, but we'll see on that.

    Well, t…

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