Bonjour, alligators! Me like to start Round 2 of Alligator Arena! This game features episodes, chapters, tricky/hard/fun levels, alligators and even best game! Hope you enjoy!

Easiest Level?

Meet Swampy - Level 1-1 (First Dig) Difficulty: Very Easy
Caution to the Wind - Level 8-6 (Suck Me Up) Difficulty: Easy
Stretched Thin - Level 7-1 (Drop and Pop!) Difficulty: Fairly Easy
Rising Tide - Level 9-17 (Oozepocalypse) Difficulty: Easy (you've got to be quick with this one!)
Out to Dry - Level 10-5 (Bog It Down!) Difficulty: Easy (same as 9-17)

Hardest Level?

Meet Swampy - Level 1-10 (Split Decision) Difficulty: Hard
Under Pressure - Level 3-18 (Untimely Growth) (have 2 be quick!) Difficulty: Fairly Hard
Rising Tide - Levels, 9-14, 9-15, 9-18 and 9-20 (Exploding Elevator) (Tri-Cycle) (Levitating Liquids) (Full Of Hot Air) (new world record of hard levels) Difficulty: Notorious
Level Special: Cranky's Story: Overstuffed - Level C4-20 (Doomsday Clock) Difficulty: Very Hard
Secret Level: See You Later, Alligator! Difficulty: Almost Impossible!

I hope you enjoyed my round of Alligator Arena! Round 3 coming soon...

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