Under Pressure (episode)
Episode 5
Swampy's Underground Adventures Ep 5 - Under Pressure - by Disney02:39

Swampy's Underground Adventures Ep 5 - Under Pressure - by Disney

Airdate November 16, 2012
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Troubled Waters
Out to Dry
Under Pressure is the fifth episode of Where's My Water: Swampy's Underground Adventures.


The episode showing some food and a radio on a table. Cranky sees the food and decides to eat it all, but accidentally eats the radio as well. Swampy comes over to eat food as well, but sees that Cranky has eaten it all. He plays music from his mouth, confusing Swampy. Allie and Karl come over to see as well. The three all decide to dance to Cranky's music, with Cranky trying to join in the fun as well. They dance to all kinds of music, until they get to heavy metal. Swampy is seen at the top of the sewer. Swampy jumps down from the top with Allie and Karl catching him. Cranky tries this same trick, only to end with him regurgitating the radio, which hits a wall and breaks. The alligators (except Cranky) walk away, and the episode ends with Cranky doing a dance.



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