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Under Pressure Cutscene

Under Pressure is the third chapter in Swampy's story.


For this level pack, you must learn the ways of bombs and learn to notice when they can be the key to success or be the cause of many restarts. You must also harness the power of a new liquid which can be good or very very bad.


In the introduction, you can hear burping and see Pushy and Shovey tugging a fish (you can also see Karl with a bag in his mouth). Cranky and Allie are eating, but so is Swampy, not noticing Allie.


- Bombs

- Wheel or water hose

- Water touch gates

- Purple gate


3-1: Mine Field

3-2: Around the Bombs

3-3: Ooze Fall

3-4: Two is Better Than One

3-5: Bomb Chain

3-6: Interruption

3-7: Apply Pressure

3-8: Let's Play Catch

3-9: On Again, Off Again

3-10: River of Ooze

3-11: Rat in a Maze

3-12: Bomb It Up!

3-13: Redirection

3-14: Blow the Roof Off!

3-15: Going Down?

3-16: Water Temple

3-17: Back and Forth

3-18: Untimely Growth

3-19: Moving Target

3-20: Aqua Portals


All the bad alligators are eating a meal. They are all eating messily, but Swampy cooks his meal and eats it with utensils. Allie, who still likes Cranky, doesn't like how Swampy is eating.

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