Tuning In is the second chapter of Allie's Story. It was released in May 2013.


A2-1: Where's my Steam?

A2-2: Steam Cleaning

A2-3: Break On Through

A2-4: Wrapped In a Bow

A2-5: Tour Guides

A2-6: Mash Up

A2-7: Clear the Way

A2-8: Switcharoo

A2-9: Making the Rounds

A2-10: Keep Your Guard Up and Down

A2-11: Just Passing Through

A2-12: On the Breeze

A2-13: Round the Bend

A2-14: Meltdown

A2:15: Hydraulic Lift

A2-16: Track and Field

A2-17: Sliding Guardian

A2-18: Portcullis

A2-19: Growing Guardian

A2-20: Tic Tac Toe

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