Triple Rainbow (All The Way) is the third level in Meet Swampy Free.


Level 1-3 Triple Rainbow (All The Way) (Where's My Water? Free)00:29

Level 1-3 Triple Rainbow (All The Way) (Where's My Water? Free)

To start, simply dig a path for the water to enter the first pipe. Once the water has gotten into the first pipe, it will shoot out of the top automatically filling up the first duck. The water will then enter and shoot out of the second pipe, where the water will enter and shoot a third pipe, filling up the second duck, and entering another room in the level via the last pipe. In that room, guide it to the last duck to fill it up, but make sure that the the upper part of the room's right wall, ending at the curve, is completely uncovered and make sure that Swampy's shower pipe is not uncovered. Then, enter the bottom-most pipe, which will repeat the process of shooting the water through the four upper pipes. During this process, uncover Swampy's shower pipe. Once all the water has went through the fourth pipe, it will go down the curve in the wall and into the shower pipe, which results in the level being successfully tri-ducked.


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