Triggers are added to the chapter: Meet Swampy

Triggers are what activate anything with the same color. The most common thing it activates is Metal Platforms There are two different types of triggers so far. One touch triggers which move when touched with any type of fluid. Trigger pad triggers that are active only when when the fluid stays on the Trigger pad, and stops moving when the fluid stops touching the Trigger pad. Triggers are color coded and can come in red, blue, purple or green.

1 only have Red.

2 both have red and green. However, in the later levels it was changed to 2 both have red and blue

3 have blue, red and Green

4 got green, blue, red and

Triggers fans.


In one of the levels on where's my water free, (Meet Swamoy level 1-6 Crack The Code) it had red, blue and purple.

In Change Is Good Level level 18, it had red green and purple

In one of the levels on Allies Story turning in, it had red and purple

In both Round the bend and U-bend on allies story, it had blue only.

In Caution To The Wind, mid air mix, it was also red, blue and purple.

The main switch with red and green turning into red and blue was actually in caution to the wind. However, 2 levels, 5-15 and 6-20 was red and blue and 2 levels, C1-8 and C4-20 was red and green.