Trick Shot is the 35th Swampy level of the week.


Where's My Water? "Trick Shot" Levels of the Week! Walkthrough00:26

Where's My Water? "Trick Shot" Levels of the Week! Walkthrough


First, cut the dirt blocking the steam to make it rise up and activate the red switch, opening the corresponding gate. Then, guide the tiny amount of water to the pipe entrance. The two drops of water will enter and shoot out of various pipes. One drop will hit the blue switch, opening the blue gate and uncovering the green switch, while one will go up and fall from the top, entering a pipe and repeating the cycle, until it hits the green switch, releasing the large amount of water behind the green gate. Dig down into the area next to the shower pipe, and make a small hole to make the pipe accessible. The water should go down into the area, collect the first duck and hit the wall, redirecting towards the shower pipe. Once water gets into the pipe, quickly make paths going to the last two ducks to collect them with water. If this is done correctly, then the level will have been successfully tri-ducked.

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