Swampy's Story completed

All of the Tri-Ducked Ducks.

IMG 0104

The old version of the Tri-Ducked Ducks.

The Tri-Ducked Ducks are special Swampy Ducks on the title screen of Where's My Water.


If one tri-ducks a whole chapter (gets three ducks on every level in a chapter), a tri-ducked duck will appear on the title screen in the water below Swampy's window (before version 1.10, in the tub with Swampy). These ducks are essentially Swampy Ducks, but dressed in varying outfits (except for the Meet Swampy duck).  When one taps on a duck, it will make a "Quack" noise. Each quack sound is slightly different.


The ducks are (in order of chapters):


Two of Where's My Water's secret levels are found on this screen, called:

Both are accessed by tapping the ducks in certain orders.

If one fails a secret code or is tapped randomly, the duck will make a fail noise.