Top Floor, Please is the tenth and final level in Meet Swampy Free.


Level 1-10 Top Floor, Please (Where's My Water? Free)00:39

Level 1-10 Top Floor, Please (Where's My Water? Free)


First, dig through the dirt at the top left to make a curve, but DO NOT guide the water to the red switch yet. Then, activate the water pipe by pressing the valve. The curve will act as a "u-turn" for the water and it will go towards the first duck, collecting it. After this, continue the path to the red switch. Upon the water reaching the switch, the red platform will move, allowing the water to travel at a different angle to the blue switch. There will be some dirt covering the blue switch; do not remove it and instead keep supplying water until eventually it will spill over and collect the second duck. Then, remove the dirt covering the entrance to the blue platform to get water in there; make sure it's level with about the bottom of the blue switch. Then, cut the dirt to the blue switch and activate it; the blue platform will lift, sending the water up to collect the third duck, which will then travel into Swampy's shower pipe.

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