The Test of a True Agent



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Where's My Perry?

The Test of a True Agent is an upcoming mission in Where's My Perry? It will be the ninth mission of all. It is unknown it will be release or not.


Just like the other missions, this mission has 20 levels and 2 bonus levels.

9-1: "Celebration of Sludge"

9-2: "Cup Runneth Over"

9-3: "Sludge Rush"

9-4: "Grate Sludge"

9-5: "Get Me Out of Here"

9-6: "Taking Turns"

9-7: "Off the Wall"

9-8: "Oh Grate More Sludge"

9-9: "Blue Laser Group"

9-10: "Sludge n Slide"

9-11: "Party in the Lowe Right Corner"

9-12: "Blue Up"

9-13: "Sludge Trail"

9-14: "Fun Two Three"

9-15: "Floodgates"

9-16: "Ground Floor"

9-17: "Not a Drop to Drink"

9-18: "Steam With Caution"

9-19: "In The Mix"

9-20: "WMP"

Perry Bonus Level: "Boom Boom Balloony"

Doof-inators Bonus Level: "Balloony Celebration"

Secret Files

Agent Bird

Planty the Potted Plant

Agent Whale

Hot Dog Vendor Revenge-inator



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