Swampy's Picks are 5 selected levels taken straight from the full version. They are only unlocked when you complete and tri-duck all the levels in other chapters of the free version. If you update Where's My Water? Free to v.1.3.1., then it will include 5 levels from the new chapter in Where's My Water?, Out to Dry. The latest version (v.1.4.0.) includes 5 levels from Caution to the Wind .

Levels (below v.1.3.1.)

3-1: Mind the Gap

3-2: What Goes Up...

3-3: Bottleneck

3-4: Steam Cleaning

3-5: Jagged Edge

Levels (v.1.3.1.)

3-1: Let it Dry!

3-2: Cut and Dry

3-3: Bog it Down!

3-4: Fill Columns

3-5: Make a Ramp

Levels (v.1.4.0.)

3-1: First Fan

3-2: ...Better than One

3-3: On and Off

3-4: Suck it Up

3-5: Wind Power