Special Ducks are ducks not found through direct game-play, but rather through doing special tasks. They fall under some special classifications from where they are found.

Special "Swampy" Tri-ducked Ducks

Main article: Tri-ducked Ducks

These ducks represent Swampy and appear above Swampy's window (before version 1.10, on the title screen) when a chapter in Swampy's Story is tri-ducked.

Special "Allie" Tri-ducked Ducks

These ducks represent Allie and appear above Allie's window when a chapter in Allie's Story is tri-ducked.

Special "Cranky" Tri-ducked Ducks

These ducks represent Cranky and appear above Cranky's window when a chapter in Cranky's Story is tri-ducked.

Special "Mystery Duck" Tri-ducked Ducks

These ducks are mainly miniature versions of Swampy's tri-ducked ducks, seen in the section above.

Photo Finish Ducks

When one completes a Level of the Week, at the end, he/she will get a "Photo Finish" showing how he/she beat the level. Accompanying this is a title describing the way the player beat the level, and one of these ducks next to it.

  • Hippie Duck (Free Spirit)
  • Raincoat Duck (Tornado)
  • Miner Duck (Digger)
  • Daredevil Duck (One Cut Wonder)
  • Cow Duck (Polka Dotter)
  • Construction Worker Duck (Cautious Cutter)

Lost Level Ducks

These ducks can be found in various level packs in The Lost Levels except for the Pirate Duck, which serves as an icon for The Lost Levels.

  1. Pirate Duck
  2. Santa Hat Duck
  3. Romantic Duck
  4. Vacation Duck
  5. Frankenduck

Other Ducks

  • Scuba Duck (found in the Options section)

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