This is fan Made!

In this chapter you'll meet some new items and there Electric Boxes and Sucky Fans, When Electric Boxes are touched by water and posion water it'll make a huge explosion and when Toxic Ooze touches it will turn to seaweeds, Sucky Fans are fans that suck up your suppy of water there the evil version of the fans on "Caution to the Wind", Seaweeds will drop little water drops,when poison water and toxic ooze touches it it will turn to algae,and when it touches mud it will turn to Hard Rock

New Things

Electric Boxes

Sucky Fans



This is the 11th chapter of Swampy's Story

Fan Made!


11-1 - Avoid the Shocks

11-2 - Electrics Above

11-3 - Lucky Elevators

11-4 - Crazy Contraption!

11-5 - Liquid Fans

11-6 - Seaweeds and Algaes

11-7 - Electric Maze

11-8 - Posions are Shocking!

11-9 - A Bridge Above

11-10 - Huge Electric Bomb Explosion

11-11 - Rockmaking

11-12 - Ooze Of The Shocks

11-13 - Posion Explosion

11-14 - Steam Unconverted

11-15 - Mud Bath

11-16 - Ballon Poppz

11-17 - Electronic Dance

11-18 - Shocky Hot Rocks

11-19 - Seaweed Power

11-20 - Mixing It All!

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