Ship Shape is the 33rd Cranky level of the week.


Where's My Water? Walkthrough - Ship Shape (Levels of the Week) HD00:38

Where's My Water? Walkthrough - Ship Shape (Levels of the Week) HD


First, make a path to get the upper running water to the hot rocks, turning it into steam, and guide it towards the icicles where it will melt into water, however turn into poison again by the running poison water pipe at the top. After this is done, dig straight down to the level of the upper running water. The continually producing steam should keep melting into water and turning into poison, flying into all directions and collecting the first two Cranky ducks. After this, uncover the bottom-most running pipe. This will collide with the poison, making more poison as a result. Guide it right around the rock to Cranky's pipe, collecting the last duck on the way.


  • If the dirt digging has been done correctly, the player should appear to have drawn a sailboat, hence the level name "Ship Shape".

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