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Rising Tide



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Where's My Water?

Rising Tide is the ninth chapter in Swampy's Story. It was released on April 5, 2012.
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Rsing Tide level Select

New things

Valves are introduced. (2 way pipes)

Pipe with hose


9-1: Change Direction

9-2: Mix It UP!

9-3: Alternating Currents

9-4: One Shot Wonder

9-5: Conjunction Junction

9-6: Time to Split

9-7: Crossing Guard

9-8: Stopped Up

9-9: Stop and Drop

9-10: Keep It UP!

9-11: Rainmaker

9-12: Half Empty

9-13: Octospout

9-14: Exploding Elevator

9-15: Tri-Cycle

9-16: Steam Splitter

9-17: Oozepocalypse

9-18: Levitating Liquids

9-19: Ooze It or Lose It

9-20: Full of Hot Air


All of the alligators are in a house, and swampy is in Cooking. Besides cranky sits on a sofa, and he isn't acting like a mean alligator. The other alligators are messing with swampy's food, crawling underneath a rug, and walking with a toilet paper in the hands.