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Rise and Fall(Perry)

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Rise and Fall(Perry)
Rise and Fall Perry
Level # 3-6
Mission The Puppet Master
Secret File Herman the Hedgehog
Doofenshmirtz Challenge? No
Level Guide
Ice Maker
Big Red Button

Not to be confused with the Swampy level of the same name

Rise and Fall is the 6th level in The Puppet Master. The player must use and endless stream of steam and blue sludge to their advantage to finish the level.


This level is really easy and a candidate for getting the highest score due to the enormous overflow potential. Simply cut a path from the steam that connects to the three gnomes. Once enough steam is accumulated that all gnomes are surrounded(and the one steam gnome being filled), unleash the blue sludge. This will turn the steam into water, fill the two gnomes and the pipe.
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