Press the Valve is the seventh level in Meet Swampy Free.


Level 1-7 Press the Valve (Where's My Water? Free)00:20

Level 1-7 Press the Valve (Where's My Water? Free)

To tri-duck the level, follow these instructions. Before releasing water, dig a path through the dirt that makes the duck inside there accessible so the water can reach it. Also, make sure it curves to the left around the middle of the path. After this has been done, hold down on the valve to release the water from the pipe, and do it for the rest of the level. The water will go through the path to the left of the dirt and automatically collect the duck floating atop the dirt. It will then go through the path that was made by digging through the dirt, collecting the second duck. Finally, having gone through a big circle, the water will merge with itself where it begins and water will start flying to the left, filling up the third duck. Eventually, some of the water will run down the wall next to the shower pipe, and go into the pipe. The level will have been beaten and tri-ducked.

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