Pick 'n' Mix is the 37th Swampy level of the week.


Where's My Water? Walkthrough - Pick 'n' Mix (Levels of the Week) HD00:56

Where's My Water? Walkthrough - Pick 'n' Mix (Levels of the Week) HD


To finish the level, the player first lets the water balloon loose, thereby popping on its own and collecting the duck at the bottom. They touch and hold the valve until the player gets the second duck at the top of the last duck; then let the poison balloon loose and when in range, shoot the poison with the valve (do the same with the mud balloon later) to clear away all the algae, then if the player has too much poison, let the mud balloon loose and do what's written after "the poison with the valve". When the mud dries, cut to the last duck, then use the valve to get water to the shower pipe and the level is finished.

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