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Overstuffed is the fourth and last chapter of Cranky's Story, which was released on June 26, 2012.

Food Groups

"Seafood" and "Sweets" are available to collect in Overstuffed.


((Catfan660 is working on adding more level pages. Will be up soon.))

C4-1: Cut First

C4-2: Don't Be Greedy

C4-3: Clear a Path

C4-4: Acid Rain

C4-5: Hero's Journey

C4-6: Poison Power

C4-7: Water Catcher

C4-8: Crossing Paths

C4-9: Hot Air Trigger

C4-10: Make a Mountain

C4-11: Wind Shield

C4-12: Closing Timer

C4-13: Tear Down the Walls

C4-14: Wind Bucket

C4-15: Gaining Ground

C4-16: Poison Gauntlet

C4-17: Chemical Reactions

C4-18: Master Mold

C4-19: Where's My Poison?

C4-20: Doomsday Clock

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