Out to Dry (episode)
Episode 6
Swampy's Underground Adventures Ep 6 - Out To Dry - by Disney02:40

Swampy's Underground Adventures Ep 6 - Out To Dry - by Disney

Airdate November 30, 2012
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Out to Dry is the sixth episode of Where's My Water: Swampy's Underground Adventures.


The episode starts with Swampy putting swim gear on. He jumps into the sewer to swim, along with Cranky and three other alligators, only for them to discover the sewer has supposedly dried up; there is no more water. Surprised by this, Swampy goes to find out what the problem is. Cranky comes along too. They eventually come to the water pipe, which has been blocked by a stuffed bear. Swampy pulls it out, but he discovers there are more things inside the pipe. The two start pulling various things out from the pipe, however Cranky starts a chain reaction which causes a ruckus making the things they pulled out malfunction. Swampy and Cranky keep searching and searching until they finally find a pacifier that was blocking the pipe. All the water flows back into the sewer, and everything is back to normal. From the edge of the pool, Swampy and Cranky watch Pushy and Shovey copying the airdancer floating down the river, which they had pulled out earlier. The episode ends with them looking at each other confused.



  • This is the first episode of the series where Allie doesn't appear.
  • There is a running gag in this episode, where Karl keeps crawling around in the sewer.


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