Out to Dry



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Where's My Water?

Intro pack 10
Out to Dry is the tenth and last chapter in Swampy's Story.
Pro 300x150 wheres-my-water out-to-dry

Promonatial art for the episode.

 This episode requires ? ducks. This episode was released on June 28, 2012.

New things

  • Mud is introduced.
  • Hoses that have 3 pipes are introduced


10-1: Let it Dry!

10-2: Muddy Floor

10-3: Cut and Dry

10-4: Plug the Hole

10-5: Bog it Down!

10-6: Muddy Journey

10-7: Spots on the Wall

10-8: Can You Dig It?

10-9: Double Decker Bridge

10-10: Walls of Mud

10-11: Mud Bucket

10-12: Make a Ramp

10-13: Subdivision

10-14: Misty Mud

10-15: Redo

10-16: Fill Columns

10-17: Landfill

10-18: Bucket Builder

10-19: Spa Treatment

10-20: Dry Landing


  • Every level in this level pack contains mud.
  • Several things are not in this episode, that means poison, water touch gates, green gate, purple gate, 2 way pipe, coal, converters (though the pipe picture has a mud symbol,) bombs, poison hose, ooze hose and steam hose. With ballons only appearing twice, blue oate once, vaccum once, ooze once, ice twice and steam twice.
  • The levels in Swampy's Picks are replaced with 10-1, 10-3, 10-5, 10-12 and 10-16.
  • If water was mixed with mud which is almost dry, then it becomes wet again.
  • The cutscene song can be heard in the Mystery Duck.
  • This is a first update that have a real animal asides from alligators.
  • This episode is the grand finale in Swampy's Story. There will be definately no more episodes. However as 2013
  • There were 4 more episodes coming soon.

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