Order of Operations is the thirteenth level of Meet Swampy, the first chapter of Swampy's Story.


At the very top of the level, there are three small piles of water with dirt blocking them. First, release the right pile of water. It will go down the platforms and activate the red switch, opening the red gate. Then, release the left pile to activate the green switch, moving the green platform. Finally, release the middle pile, which will go to the bottom, where there are two ways to go, covered by dirt. Dig a path through the side(s) that has (have) water on them, but don't release the water yet, then about a second before the moving blue platform stops at the respective side, release the water to get it into Swampy's shower pipe. Make sure you time the release right; if you have bad timing, the water can spill off to the side.

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