Mickey Shorts is the 36th Swampy level of the week.


Where's My Water? "Mickey Shorts" Levels of the Week! Walkthrough00:31

Where's My Water? "Mickey Shorts" Levels of the Week! Walkthrough


First, release the rightmost puddle of water from the "Mickey shorts" at the top of the screen by digging a diagonal path to the dirt on the right side of the bathroom. After this, dig through that dirt to the duck on the bottom that's closest to the middle of the screen. After about half of the water has gone down and collected that duck, quickly make a path to the second duck on the bottom to collect that one. Release the remaining water on the top, guiding it to the last duck. After collecting that one, make a path to the shower pipe for the water, but be careful not to lose some of the water. If done correctly, the level should be complete.

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