Memoirs of a Monogram



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A Platypus Never Forgets

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The Last Laugh


Where's My Perry?

Memoirs of a Monogram is the sixth chapter of Where's My Perry. It introduces the Separate-inator, a laser which creates an indestructible solid surface.


6-1: "Behold the Separate-inator"

6-2: "Off the Backboard"

6-3: "Ice Cubes"

6-4: "Glass Half Full"

6-5: "Cracked Ice"

6-6: "Party Pooper"

6-7: "Steam Machine"

6-8: "Bridge Over Troubled Lava"

6-9: "Laser Defense Grid"

6-10: "Force Field"

6-11: "Steam Sealing"

6-12: "All Together Now"

6-13: "Black Box"

6-14: "Keep 'Em Separated"

6-15: "Fire in the Hole"

6-16: "Sludge Catcher"

6-17: "Party Crasher"

6-18: "Separate You Two"

6-19: "Draw the Bridge"

6-20: "Thank You Mr. Robot"

Perry Bonus Level: "Game of Thorns"

Doof-inators Bonus Level: "Planetary Defense Grid"

Secret Files

Agent Duck

Agent Fox

Agent Silent G(Newton the Gnu)




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