Meet Swampy Free, is the free version of Meet Swampy. It has 10 levels, with nine levels not found in the Full Version of Where's My Water. It has the same chapter art and curtain style as Meet Swampy. It has fun and interesting levels and bombs. In the full version of Where's My Water, bombs, hoses and the purple gate will first appear in Under Pressure instead.


1-1: First Dig

1-2: Hard Rock

1-3: Triple Rainbow (All The Way)

1-4: You Need A New Plumber

1-5: Garage Door Opener

1-6: Crack the Code

1-7: Press the Valve

1-8: Let's Play Dodge-bomb

1-9: Blast Off

1-10: Top Floor, Please

Levels in free version as 2013

1-1: First Dig

1-2: A Rock is a Hard Place

1-3: Choose Wisely

1-4: Do a Sweet Jump

1-5: It'll Grow On You

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