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There are lots of levels in where's my water?, a lot of them

Swampy's Story

Meet Swampy

First Dig

A Rock Is A Hard Place

Choose Wisely

Do a Sweet Jump

It'll Grow On You

Deep Dig

Drain It First

Clear The Way

Mixing Bowl

Split Decision


Divide and Conquer

Order of Operations

Loop The Loop

Conveyor Belt

Three Scoops

Off Track

Flip The Switches



Troubled Waters

Can You Take Me Higher?

Smash Them Together

Before It Grows

Long Journey

There and Back Again

Act Fast!

What Goes Up...

One Stream

One Step at A Time

Make a Wave

Double Jump


Level It Out

Mind The Gap


Stop, Drop and Catch


The Unstoppable Ooze


Half and Half

Under Pressure

Mine Field

Around The Bombs

Ooze Fall

Two Is Better Than One

Bomb Chain


Apply Pressure

Let's Play Catch

On Again, Off Again

River Of Ooze

Rat In A Maze

Bomb It Up!


Blow The Roof Off!

Going Down?

Water Temple

Back and Forth

Untimely Growth

Moving Target

Aqua Portals

Sink or Swim

Logic Gates

Momentum 101

Water Golf

Bridge Builder

Fling Shot


Water Pump

Nice Clogs

The Curse Of The Algae Beard


They've Got Chemistry

Skeet Shooting


Rhythm Nirvana

Figure Eight

Create and Destroy

The Grid

Under The Radar

Dangerous Slope

Rinse Cycle

Change is Good

Don't Fear The Poison

Recycling Works

Ouch, My Eye!

Test Tube


Clear and Shoot

Double Launch

One Way Street

It Takes Two

Blast Miner

Catch 'Em All!


Get On The Train

Double Dipping

Water Gate

Ooze Is Alright

Pick Your Poison

Across The Bridge

The Pot Boileth Over

Swiss Army Knife

Boiling Point

Hot and Cold

Steam Cleaning

Stop Up Top

Rise and Fall

A Cleaner Approach

Catch and Release

Branches and Loops

Through The Bridge

Forks and Funnels

Below The BBQ

A Race To The Finish

Revolving Door

Race The Ooze

Steam Powered

Ventilation Shaft

Steam Quarantine

Jumping Gigawatts!

Up Is Down

Through and Through

Steam Journey

Stretched Thin

Drop and Pop!

Burst Your Bubble


Balloon Bridge

Jagged Edge

Down The Hatch

Trust Fall


Up and Over

Mirror Image


Hot Air Balloon


Pipe Organ

Balloon Journey

Be Careful Burning Bridges

Might As Well Jump

Booby Trap Staircase

Easily Swayed

Balloon Gauntlet

Caution to the Wind

First Fan

On With The Wind


...Better Than One

On and Off

Suck It Up

Bottomless Pit

Wind Power


Flip Flop


Vacuum Bridge

Blown Away

Ice Pit

Water World

Pull Me Up


Mid-air Mix

Snake Charmer

Gravity Dynamo

Rising Tide

Change Direction

Mix It UP!

Alternating Currents

One Shot Wonder

Conjunction Junction

Time To Split

Crossing Guard

Stopped Up

Stop and Drop

Keep It UP!


Half Empty


Exploding Elevator


Steam Splitter


Levitating Liquids

Ooze It or Lose It

Full Of Hot Air

Out to Dry

Let It Dry!

Muddy Floor

Cut and Dry

Plug The Hole

Bog It Down!

Muddy Journey

Spots On The Wall

Can You Dig It?

Double Decker Bridge

Walls Of Mud

Mud Bucket

Make A Ramp


Misty Mud


Fill Columns


Bucket Builder

Spa Treatment

Dry Landing

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