In the Hot Seat

Evil Mission


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No Agent Left Behind


Where's My Perry?

In the Hot Seat is the first pack of levels in the Doofensmirtz Evil Incoparated series.


1-1: Amass the Sludge

1-2: "Divide and Conquer" - This level has an evil agent.

1-3: "Frozen Waterfall... of EVIL!"

1-4: "Pit, Pit, Pit, Bottomless Pit" - This level has an evil agent.

1-5: "Frozen Solid"

1-6: "Iced Over"

1-7: "Warning: Bombs Explode"

1-8: "Bombs are my Friends"

1-9: "Detonator-inator"

1-10: "You Can't Make Evil Omelettes Without Breaking Some Evil Eggs" - This level has an evil agent.

1-11: "Opposites React"

1-12: "H 2 Over"

1-13: "Red Scare"

1-14: "Volcanic Rain"

1-15: "Party... of EVIL!"

1-16: "Anti Gravity Evil Launch-inator"

1-17: "Chemisty Set... of EVIL!"

1-18: "Fun Sized Sludge"

1-19: "Gates... of EVIL!"

1-20: "...of EVIL!"

Bonus Levels

Doof Challenge Bonus Level 1: "Blue Herrings"

Doof Challenge Bonus Level 2: "Rain Rain Go Away"

Doof Challenge Bonus Level 3: "Obstacle Course... of EVIL!"

Doof Challenge Bonus Level 4: "No Fly Zone"

Doof Challenge Bonus Level 5: "Blocked"

Doof Challenge Bonus Level 6: "Pushed Around"

Evil Agents

Evil Agent Alarm Clock

Evil Agent Laptop

Evil Agent Desk Lamp

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