Hearts and Crafts is the Valentines Day episode released in Where's My Water Free. There is no story but 10 levels with one Heart themed level. The new levels are complicated and are quite mind-boggling for many people. The entire level pack is Valentines themed. This episode has expired.May 17, 2012 Hearts and Crafts was available in the

full version along with 10 Days of Swampy
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Hearts And Crafts level select


2-1: I Heart U

2-2: Split Stream

2-3: Switch Which Switch?

2-4: Downpour

2-5: A-maze-ing

2-6: Beanstalk

2-7: Shoots and Spirals

2-8: Combination Lock

2-9: To Grow or not to Grow

2-10: Water Acrobatics

2-11: Circulatory System