Gravy Train is the 11th Allie level of the week.


Where's My Water? Walkthrough - Gravy Train (Levels of the Week) HD00:47

Where's My Water? Walkthrough - Gravy Train (Levels of the Week) HD


First, move the small puddle of water at the top to the pipe entrance, but make sure to do it AFTER the "train" that goes through the middle of the level after every few seconds has moved out of view. It'll shoot out of the pipe exit in the middle of the level and hit the red switch, opening the red gate. Then, release the poison so it hits the water at the bottom of the screen, turning it into poison as well. Guide it to the hot rocks so it can turn into steam, filling up the first duck, but don't uncover the second pipe entrance yet; let all of the poison turn into steam. Some will eventually come off of the dirt and fly up to the second duck, filling it up. After that, quickly uncover the second pipe entrance; the steam will go out of the exit at the top. Make a path straight up to collect the last duck, and then make a top-left diagonal cut to direct the steam to Allie's pipe.

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