Garage Door Opener is the fifth level in Meet Swampy Free.


Level 1-5 Garage Door Opener (Where's My Water? Free)00:21

Level 1-5 Garage Door Opener (Where's My Water? Free)

To tri-duck the level, first guide the puddle of water at the top of the level to the red switch, but make sure there is still some curved dirt, as it is important for getting the first duck. The water will activate the red switch, opening up a red gate blocking water that is shooting out of a pipe at the bottom of the level. As a result of the gate opening, the water will redirect into a pipe entrance, which happens to exit out of the pipe end at the top. The curved dirt should act as a ramp for the water to travel on, and the first duck will be collected as a result. After this, make a path to the second duck for the running water to travel to. After that duck has been collected, dig down to the third duck to direct the water to that one. The third duck should be collected and the water should make it to the shower pipe, thus having the level tri-ducked.

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