Fluid Combinations


When water and poison meet, all the water immediately turns into more poison.

When water and ooze meet, they disolve each other and if perfect even amounts of ooze and water combine, both will disappear.

When water and mud meet, mud returns to its wettest form.


When poison and ooze meet, they will create an explosion like a bomb.

When poison and mud meet, much like water the mud will return to its wettest form.


When ooze touches mud, they will disolve each other just like water and ooze.

Other Combinations


Any fluid that touches a bomb will make it go off.


If water touches algae, the water will grow the algae.

If poison touches algae, the algae will be cleared.

If ooze touches algae, the algae will turn to rock.

Mud will treat algae like rock, and will not be able to pass through.

Hot Rocks

If poison or water touch hot rocks they will turn into steam.

Ooze destroys hot rocks like poison destroys algae.

If mud hits hot rocks, the mud will dry instantly.


Nothing reacts with steam except mud will return to its wettest form.


Mud does not react with dirt but will turn into dirt if it dries.

If ooze touches dirt it will devour it and break through it.


If water, poison, or mud hit a balloon, they will push it around.

If ooze hits a balloon, it will pop.

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