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Its a fan idea for all Bambi lovers out there

Bambi's story: Bambi needs water to fill up the pond
Where my bambi
. Bambi is really hot and thirsty but the pond is empty! Can you help Bambi use the city water and the hoses to get him water? Be sure to collect 3 hummingbirds as well

Cutscene: Bambi has his friends gathered by the pond when Bambi dives into the pond off of a bouncy branch Kerthunk! He hits his head on some hard dirt! The pond is dry! How can he and his friends cool down without the water? Bambi needs your help!

Chapter one: A pond problem

New fluid(s): Water, nectar, and pollen.

Level 1: Back to the woods

Level 2: Don't touch that green stuff

Level 3: Pollen goes up

Level 4: Who put that there?

Level 5: Banner days

Level 6: Bir-duh!

Level 7: Tree house

Level 8: Won't be a seedling forever!

Level 9: Barrier builder

Level 10: Barrier breaker

Chapter 2: Chemistry Troubles Cutscene: A lab coat-clad Bambi is tinkering with chemicals with the hummingbirds when he discovers a pile of red water. He pours some water into it and it explodes. He is quickly reminded of the dry pond and goes to fix this problem.

New fluid(s): Red water

Level 1: Green is everywhere

Level 2 Talkin 'bout evaporation

Level 3: Dodgeball

Level 4: Math problem

Level 5: Release the flood

Level 6: April shower

Level 7: Vine path

Level 8: This close to liftoff

Level 9: Fire hose maze

Level 10: You need a calm mind

         Red water: Explodes on contact with any fluid. Bambi runs away if it gets into the pond
         Pollen: Can go through water does not explode whilst touching red water
         Wall: Blocks anything, red water can destroy it
         Wind: Blows any fluid,Walls and red water can break the wind
         Polluted water: If it gets in the pond Bambi will be sad. Water touching it creates more polluted water. Makes red water dissipate
         Portal: Teleports water to the exit portal of the same color
         Flowers: If red water touches them it will turn into water or polluted water depending on its symbol.

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