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This is another story for the fanon series of Where's my Bambi Faline needs nectar to pump into the bee hive, be sure to collect 3 acorns. This is another story for the Bambi collection. Cutscene: This flighty fawn has seen a struggling bee colony with a starving bunch of bees. She has a nectar deposit so she pushes the hive to the deposit but the nectar is gone! Faline needs your help! Chapter one: The honey hullabaloo

level 1: Nectar is useful

Level 2: Water equals more

Level 3: Level of the precise

Level 4: Tear down the walls

Level 5: E-x-p-l-o-s-i-v-e combo

Level 6: Try to catch the wind

Level 7: Bus stop

Level 8: Avoid the red water!

Level 9: Love for explosions

Level 10: Faline's Finale

Chapter 2: Colony Of Challenge Level 1: Riled up

Level 2: Dragon in the room

Level 3: Don't get lost

Level 4: Frozen in time

Level 5: It won't open

Level 6: Straightforward

Level 7: Trove of oddity

Level 8: Dance till dawn

Level 9: Pour the bowl

Level 10: No sleeping on the job

Red water: explodes on contact with any fluid

Walls: Blocks anything, red water can destroy it.

Wind: Blows water, nectar, polluted water, and pollen. Red water can break the wind as well as walls

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