Duck Rush is a mode in Where's My Water? 2. It requires you to collect the six ducks and into the pipe when the screen rise or fall. The first Duck Rush level you will unlock is at level 2.

Where's My Water? 2 Level 25 Thingamabob (Duck Rush) Walkthrough01:33

Where's My Water? 2 Level 25 Thingamabob (Duck Rush) Walkthrough

A Duck Rush Level.

Duck rush

At the start of a Duck Rush (Swampy) level. The wheel will be purple or white in Cranky and Allie's Duck Rush level respectively.



  • There will always be six ducks to collect despite the fact that the alligators are different.
  • The screen will scroll down (when the character is Swampy or Cranky) or up (when the character is Allie ) automatically.
  • Unlike other levels, this level has only one challenge -- to collect the ducks and down into the pipe. Other challenges (e.g. Avoid It etc.) are absent in Duck Rush levels.

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