Danger Comes in Threes

Agents Mission


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Where's My Perry?

Danger Comes in Threes is the first agents mission in Where's My Perry?. It is introducing the Turfinator - which is turn water and steam into dirt or turn dirt into water.


1-1: "Behold The Turfinator"

1-2: "It Works On Steam, Too"

1-3: "Spread With Steam" - This level has an agent file.

1-4: "Swirl With Steam"

1-5: "Get Up to Get Down"

1-6: "Steamy Situation" - This level has an agent file.

1-7: "One Small Bite" This level has an agent file, Agents Challange is available in this level.

1-8: "Do-It-Yourself Steam Vent"

1-9: "Mix Master"

1-10: "Left to Explode"

1-11: "Dirt Road"

1-12: "Cork"

1-13: "Wall of Steam" - This level has an inator file.

1-14: "Powerglass"

1-15: "Laser Drill"

1-16: "Dirt Bypass" - This level has an inator file.

1-17: "Meet in the Middle" - This level has an inator file.

1-18: "Right, Meet Left"

1-19: "Laser Blocker"

1-20: "Russian Nesting Dolls"

Bonus Levels

Agents Challenge Bonus Level 1: "Dirty Balloony"

Agents Challenge Bonus Level 2: "Quick Change"

Agents Challenge Bonus Level 3: "Pushy"

Agents Challenge Bonus Level 4: "Dirty Business"

Secret Files

Manny the Mongoose

Terry the Turtle

Agent Rhinoceros




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