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Cranky's First Course Cutscene

Cranky's First Course



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Where's My Water?


Cranky's Story

Cranky's First Course the first chapter of Cranky's Story. It was released in January 2012.


Cranky is hungry. But the green algae came to ruin his lunch. Now you must help the big shot Cranky by guiding the poison water to Cranky so he can have his lunch! Of course, it is never that easy! You must guide the Poison water through many exiting and insane levels filled with everything you know from the previous levels. You must collect three Cranky Ducks in every level to Tri-duck the level, since the levels are locked.

Levels 1-5 are free. Otherwise, everything must be purchased.


C1-1: First Dig?

C1-2: Meet Me in the Middle

C1-3: Purple Rain

C1-4: Lawn Sprinkler

C1-5: Around the World

C1-6: Alignment Issues

C1-7: Touch and Hold

C1-8: Split Ends

C1-9: Roller Coaster

C1-10: Slideshow

C1-11: Boomstick

C1-12: Connect the Dots

C1-13: Chemistry Set

C1-14: Bridge Breaker

C1-15: The Long Drop

C1-16: Duck Invaders

C1-17: Must Come Down

C1-18: Spillover

C1-19: Time Bomb

C1-20: Pollution Solution