Crack the Code is the sixth level in Meet Swampy Free.


Level 1-6 Crack The Code (Where's My Water? Free)00:19

Level 1-6 Crack The Code (Where's My Water? Free)


When the level begins, there will be three small puddles of water which are blocked by dirt; two on the left, one on the right. There will be a big puddle of water in the middle, covered by gates. To get the water into Swampy's shower pipe, the player must use the three puddles to open the gates.

If one wishes to tri-duck the level, these instructions are recommended. First, uncover the puddle on the right side to activate it and open the blue gate, which will release the big water puddle on top and plop it onto the red gate, collecting the first duck right above the gate. Then, release the leftmost puddle of water. It will slide down the rock and hit the corner to the right of the red switch where the second duck is, filling it up and drifting to the left, activating the red switch and opening the red gate, which also makes a platform that puts the purple switch into reach. The big water puddle will fall and plop down onto the purple gate, collecting the last duck which is directly above the gate. Finally, release the remaining puddle, which will land onto the red gate, trigger the purple switch and open the purple gate. After the big puddle of water has went through all of the gates, dig a path through the dirt at the bottom to Swampy's shower pipe to get the water in, resulting in the level being completed and tri-ducked.

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