Intro pack 05

This is the fifth chapter of Swampy's Story. For this chapter you must learn when to convert and what liquid you must convert to. After completing these mind-bending levels you should feel like a true scientist. This is the first chapter to be released in an update. The ending cutsence to Sink or Swin was deleted

You are introduced to:

- Converters


5-1: Don't Fear the Poison

5-2: Recycling Works

5-3: Ouch, My Eye!

5-4: Test Tube

5-5: Bottleneck

5-6: Clear and Shoot

5-7: Double Launch

5-8: One Way Street

5-9: It Takes Two

5-10: Blast Miner

5-11: Catch 'em All!

5-12: Scaffolding

5-13: Get on the Train

5-14: Double Dipping

5-15: Water Gate

5-16: Ooze is Alright

5-17: Pick Your Poison

5-18: Across the Bridge

5-19: The Pot Boileth Over

5-20: Swiss Army Knife


A pipe filled with purple poison water burst and is flooding the sewer floor. While Cranky and the mean alligators try to avoid being sprayed, Swampy and his new friend Allie row on a boat down the poison water river.

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