Caution to the Wind



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Where's My Water?

Caution to The Wind is the 8th chapter in Swampy's Story.
Intro pack 08

For this chapter, you must use the power of wind to

complete 20 more fun and brain teasing levels.

New things

-Fans and Vacuums are introduced.


8-1: First Fan

8-2: On With The Wind

8-3: Updraft

8-4: ...Better Than One

8-5: On and Off

8-6: Suck It Up

8-7: Bottomless Pit

8-8: Wind Power

8-9: Windbreaker

8-10: Flip Flop

8-11: Freefallin'

8-12: Vacuum Bridge

8-13: Blown Away

8-14: Ice Pit

8-15: Water World

8-16: Pull Me Up

8-17: Headwind

8-18: Mid-Air Mix

8-19: Snake Charmer

8-20: Gravity Dynamo