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Bulking Up



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Where's My Water?


Cranky's Story

Bulking Up is the third chapter in Cranky's Story. It was released on April 5, 2012 along with Rising Tide in Swampy's Story .

It's the 12th Annual Exercising Party and Cranky is working out with the all the alligators but he is still hungry. Help Cranky in his 3rd part to his story. Work your way through 20 more levels that will put your brain to work!

It is the second to last chapter in Cranky's Story.
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Bulking Up Level Select.


C3-1: Fill It First

C3-2: Water Wheel

C3-3: Waterfall

C3-4: Cross The Line

C3-5: Cranky Blast

C3-6: Raincatcher

C3-7: Explosive Combination

C3-8: Bottom Feeder

C3-9: Gusher

C3-10: Blocked Shots

C3-11: Boxed In

C3-12: Blow Your Top

C3-13: Drip, Drop, BAM!

C3-14: Unleash the Ooze

C3-15: Leaky Faucet

C3-16: Gravity Push

C3-17: Cross the Streams

C3-18: Water Delivery Service

C3-19: Pump System

C3-20: Straight And Narrow