A bomb.

Bombs were added in the chapter: Under Pressure

A bomb is a device in Where's My Water?, Where's My Water? 2 and other games used to destroy objects.


Bombs can be useful as well as very dangerous. They are activated by a fluid touching it. It will make a bomb sound, and 1 second after the liquid touch, blows up. The explosion will destroy ducks, can cause a chain reaction if other bombs are nearby, and make balloons pop. Swampy will take out and hide under his umbrella when a bomb goes off.


Bombs can be found in the Free Version of Where's My Water?, in Meet Swampy.

The bomb was not originally in (Swampy's Story) Caution to the Wind, Rising Tide, Out to Dry, (Allie's Story) Warming Up, and Tuning In. It was re-added in Levels of the Week with Swampy Song #2, Swampy Song #6 and Cranky Song #4.