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Boiling Point Cutscene

Boiling Point is the 6th chapter of Swampy's Story.

You are introduced to:

- Steam

- Hot Rocks

- Icicles.


6-1: Hot and Cold

6-2: Steam Cleaning

6-3: Stop Up Top

6-4: Rise and Fall

6-5: A Cleaner Approach

6-6: Catch and Release

6-7: Branches and Loops

6-8: Through the Bridge

6-9: Forks and Funnels

6-10: Below the BBQ

6-11: A Race to the Finish

6-12: Revolving Door

6-13: Race the Ooze

6-14: Steam Powered

6-15: Ventilation Shaft

6-16: Steam Quarantine

6-17: Jumping Gigawatts!

6-18: Up is Down

6-19: Through and Through

6-20: Steam Journey


The cutscene shows the other alligators doing funny winter activities. Swampy and Allie are riding in a shopping cart like a sleigh, while Cranky has disguised a random alligator as his girlfriend in order to impersonate Swampy. This cutscene also gives viewers the fact that Swampy and Allie are becoming more close together.

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