Blast Off is the ninth level in Meet Swampy Free.


Level 1-9 Blast Off (Where's My Water? Free)00:15

Level 1-9 Blast Off (Where's My Water? Free)

To tri-duck this level, first, make two paths; one going to the pipe entrance at the left of the level, and one going to Swampy's shower pipe. After this, move the water down a bit so it touches the bomb, causing an explosion that activates another bomb, blasts the water up through the paths, and destroys the rock under it, making one of the ducks accessible. The first two ducks should be collected by the rising and falling water. Right after the explosion, quickly tap the dirt above the pipe to make another entrance accessible by water shooting in a downwards direction. The water that went into the left pipe entrance should collect the last duck and hit a rock, causing it to shoot downwards towards the pipe.

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