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A Thousand Times Over



Previous Chapter:

An Agent I Can Trust

Next Chapter:

The Puppetmaster


Where's My Perry?

A Thousand Times Over is the second chapter of Where's My Perry.


2-1: "Rainmaker"

2-2: "Cold Fusion"

2-3: "The Great Switcheroo"

2-4: "Frozen Waterfall"

2-5: "Warning: Don't Chill Out"

2-6: "Chill Out!"

2-7: "Tortoise Vs. Hare"

2-8: "Sludge Stopper"

2-9: "S'Winter"

2-10: "Jump the Sludge"

2-11: "Explosion Maze"

2-12: "Self-Destruct Mechanism"

2-13: "Reverse Icicle"

2-14: "Don't Do It"

2-15: "Tri-Gnome-ial Cubed"

2-16: "Floor After Floor"

2-17: "Over the Frozen Waterfall"

2-18: "Open Sesame"

2-19: "Serpentine"

2-20: "...Try, Try Again"

Perry Bonus Level: "Spelunking"

Doof-inators Bonus Level: "Explosion Time"

Secret Files

Agent Dog

Agent Eagle

Agent Frog




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